And here it go again.

I’m having issues with my non-existent internet connection. I’d love to write more often, especially to continue my current novel Blissful Us, but with no internet at home, that’s proving to be a major issue now. I cannot update as often as I’d like to, which is a problem since I really want to focus. I can’t type long sentences and prose with my smartphone; it’s just not convenient for me, especially if you consider my super bad eyesight.

I’m updating this blog on my company’s internet. And to be frank it’s not making me feel good, and of course it’s making me unable to focus properly. I mean, I have work to do. It’s what you do when you’re working after all, work, that is. And I’ve got things to do after working hours too, so I can’t really bring my laptop outside for internet. Worse, my place doesn’t have cybercafes! The shock! I remembered seeing one one or two years back, and I thought with how many youths going there to play games, they should prosper right? So why the heck are they closed now!? To be frank, it’s what my sister told me, I haven’t gone to there to confirm. I might go, though if the cafe is still there, I might have to worry about lighting problem. Cybercafes tend to be very dark, so yeah. I kind of need lights to type words and stuff.

I hope I could get a cheaper internet plan for my house. With my current financial problem, I just can’t get one now. Still hanging in there for now.


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